Our Services

Residential And Commercial Plumbing

We are plumbing contractors with decades of experience. Not only that, our plumber rates are amongst the most affordable in the Redding area.

Hydro Pipe Cleaning (40 GPM Jetter)

Solve even the worst blockages with hydro pipe cleaning. Destroys grease, debris, and even tree roots.

Camera Inspections

With a sewer line camera we can find out what’s happening below and solve the problem quickly.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

We can replace sewer lines with no trench digging required. Works fast and easy.

Trenchless Pipe Re-Lining

Replace existing damaged sewer lines by rehabilitating with a one piece liner. This process creates a new pipe inside of the host pipe with no joints.

Certified Backflow Testing And Repair

Backyard Mini Excavator

Our mini excavator can work in tight spaces and get any hole dug efficiently.

Vacuum Excavation Equipment

Believe it or not, excavation can now be done using suction. And with our high tech equipment, you’ll be surprised at how fast the job will be completed.

Gas & Sewer Pipe Fusing Up To 8”

We can join together pipes using fusion technology. This method increases the lifespan of your pipes, creates a jointless pipe, and eliminates the chances of leakage.

Pipe Threading Up To 4”

Need pipe threading done? With our equipment the job gets finished perfectly, creating a seamless fit.

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